Business Analyst E-commerce

We are looking for

  • An analyst assassin: numbers are your weapon of choice, and you count statistics, probability, and algebra among your favorite tools of our trade
  • Business-savvy: 2+ years of business XP (including relevant education) has left you well-aware that there's no point to analyzing all the things if the decision hinges on one number; you're sharp about what makes a place like Riot tick and can find the critical path to a meaningful answer with ease; professional XP developing KPIs to inform business decisions will earn you some bonus points
  • Technically adept: you don't believe in language barriers; you already know or are down to learn SQL.
  • A team player: while you're a capable self-manager, your natural verve and sense of fun make you thrive as part of a team; you inspire others and provide meaningful and constructive criticism
  • Action oriented: you take the bull by the horns and ride the damn thing through the heart of a dragon; you turn challenges into opportunities, even without extensive planning because "too hard" means nothing to a dragon slayey
  • An equipped communicator: you deftly generate reports and analysis using Excel, Powerpoint, or Tableau; you effectively convert data into reports and presentations that clearly illustrate opportunities and outline risks; you communicate easily in the most appropriate medium, be it email, hallway conversation, or smoke signals

You will:

  • Generate metrics, analysis, and dashboards that track performance, identify trends, and reveal opportunities across products and regions
  • Work with decision-makers to understand their goals, identify opportunities to use e-commerece data more effectively, and present findings as you make them


  • You'll need at least a bachelor's degree in Economics, Computer Science, Applied Math, Management Information Systems, or a related discipline from a top-tier university; you've got XP applying what you've learned to one or more companies


  • A competitive salary package reflecting skills and experience
  • Challenging projects
  • Opportunity for professional growth
  • Pleasant work conditions
  • Option of further education and training

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